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You are considering portable air conditioners because you understand that spot cooling makes a lot more sense than wasting energy and money air conditioning a whole floor or building. You are looking at PortaTemp portable air conditioners because of our quality, experience and large selection of air conditioners - air cooled, water cooled, evaporation cooled or split systems  in stock for immediate delivery. Fully customized, temporary cooling units are available in as little as two weeks!

 Spot Cooling vs. True Air Conditioning:

The PortaTemp Difference

What differentiates PortaTemp portable cooling from the rest is our air flow system. Traditional air conditioners use cold air from the room, which creates negative pressure, which, in turn, sucks, in ambient dust, dirt and unconditioned air.

 By contrast, PortaTemp portable air conditioners are designed with an innovative I/O integrated condenser so cool air never leaves the environment. Air is gathered from an outside source through one inlet. This air cools the condenser, then returns hot air to the outside source through a separate outlet. This dual duct approach is the difference between spot cooling and true air conditioning.


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