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PortaTemp is one of the leading American manufacturers and distributors of energy-efficient, portable air conditioners. Our air conditioners provide spot cooling for leadership companies in a wide variety of industry applications and environments, including offices, factories, laboratories, computer server rooms, hospitals, warehouses and more.

 We not only provide temporary cooling through our over-the-counter air conditioners, but also custom portable air conditioning units designed to your specifications and can be available in as little as two weeks. In addition, we distribute temporary cooling solutions through other leading portable air conditioner manufacturers - delivering one ton (small portable air conditioners) to  ten tons of portable cooling.

 With the rising cost of energy, companies are realizing that they can enhance work environments and save money with spot cooling. PortaTemp provides enhanced savings through technological efficiencies designed into our portable air conditioners - specifically the introduction of a unique I/O integral condenser.

 Our experienced technicians are available to discuss air conditioning, temporary cooling and spot cooling. They'll connect you with the right unit at the right price whether the air conditioners you need are air cooled, water cooled, evaporation cooled or split systems.


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